Concert ‘Nada Sagara’‚ Ocean of Sound

Guru Jyoti Raga Sagara

Saturday, 24. July 2010, in Dicke Birken guest house, the conference location.


Sri Swamiji introduced the concert by saying that what He plays is not music and not entertainment, but rather it is Yoga, Yoga Sangeeta. To get us into the right mood He played Pranava Svarupam, a refreshing, lively piece in Rushyaketupriya raga accompanied by Jaitra Varanasi (violin), Mani (synthesizer), Shankar Ramesh (mrdangam), and Srinivas Mahesh (tabla). Before beginning the second piece, Guru Padamu in Sri Ranjani raga, Sri Swamiji said He normally doesn’t play this raga, and then proceeded to entice correspondingly new and amazing melodies from His synthesizer. After the Ishana raga He astonished the audience with a rare performance of Bhuvaneshvari raga. This was followed by a piece in Hindola raga, then Jyoti Velagindi in Kamavardhini raga, which is a particularly soft and relaxing melody. During the accomplished Tani Avarthanam (a drumming dialogue between mrdangam and tabla), which sounds like a waterfall, He walked through the rows of the audience holding a crystal in His hand. Once again He proved His musical genius with His numerous playing techniques coupled with His intuitive knowledge about Nada Yoga, and accordingly received an enthusiastic and thankful applause from the international audience.



Hamsanandi Raga Sagara

Tuesday, 27. July 2010 in Hubertus-Saal in Nymphenburg Castle in Munich.
Nymphenburg Castle is the birthplace of former King Ludwig II (25. August 1845 – 13. June 1886) in Bavaria.

‘A wish from 1993 has now become reality’, said Sri Swamiji at His concert in Nymphenburg Castle. In a joyful atmosphere Sri Swamiji and His ensemble played Pranava Svarupam in Rushyaketupriya raga to start the concert. This was followed by Palaya Govinda in Ganamurthy raga which lead into the main piece of the evening, composed of three ragas: Ahladini raga in a new composition that was dedicated to King Ludwig II, followed by Khadyota Kanti, a rare raga. The high point of the evening resounded with Hamsanandi raga in the Palaya Mamiha composition incorporating an elaborate drumming duet (Tani Avarthanam). The audience were then smoothly guided into a relaxed mood with the Madhu Varshini raga. The musicians then brought the concert to a dynamic and harmonious conclusion with Sama raga. Sri Swamiji once more transported the audience into the heavenly realms of music, enrapturing them with His brilliant compositions and allowing them to experience the healing and uplifting effect of the music.