Guru-Gita ChantingGuru-Gita chanting

Guru-Gita Chanting

The concept of a spiritual master forms the center of all eastern spiritual traditions.The Indian counterpart is called the “Guru”.

The Guru is always honoured in India, regardless of the religion or spiritual practice. So the following questions posed in ancient India are still relevant in today’s world:
What is the Guru? What is a disciple/student/devotee? How does the Guru behave? How does a disciple behave? What does the Guru give the disciple?

The Guru Gita gives timeless answers that are engraved deeply in Indian life.The text is framed in a discussion between the Goddess Parvati and her husband Shiva. She asks Shiva to explain the Guru principle to humankind.

Sri Swamiji has already introduced the Guru Gita several times in His humorous and lively way, by singing the verses and then translating and explaining them. Some people may remember such a course in Ratingen in 1990 and Flüeli Ranft (Schweiz) in 2007.

It is one approachto read the text intellectually, the other way is to chant the verses and experience the power.

Under guidance we will pracitce the chanting of selected verses of the Guru Gita.
This will the practical part of Gnaa Naa Bha Yoga Conference.

We recommend the Guru Gita‚ a book with Sri Swamiji’s commentary, as well as the Guru Gita CD with Sri Swamiji singing the slokas. They are available at DYC bookshops, for example