Guru PurnimaGuru Purnima

at July 25, 2010

People travelled from seventeen different countries to participate in Guru Purnima, a very special ceremony in the Indian tradition. Many Indian guests also joined in the celebration on this wonderful Aquarian full moon day. The high point and crowning event of the whole week was the Guru Purnima celebration on Sunday. Preceding this event was an intensive four day conference. Each day began with yoga lessons followed by inspirational Sri Chakra Puja, a ritual in honor of the Divine Mother, and concluded with lively musical evenings. The concert on Saturday evening was carefully prepared by the participants. On Sunday both young and old took part in the wonderful, devotional atmosphere created by the colorful traditional rituals, which were accompanied by Vedic chanting. The ceremony began with Ganapati Homa, a fire ritual in which ghee, rice, and special herbs are offered to the God Agni. 

The main function of the day in honor of the Guru, Master and Spiritual Teacher began after Sri Chakra Puja, and concluded with Sri Swamiji personally blessing all participants with a loving gaze and encouraging words. “I bless the ‘invisible’ people as well, not only those present but also those from the past”, said Sri Swamiji on Sunday, reflecting the significance of this celebration, which was palpable and  omnipresent during the whole event.